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Thank you for visiting my website. On here you will find my old projects along with my recent and current ones.

I will continue to update the site with my work.

In the meantime you can reach me on 07970 850244. You can also contact me on my e-mail address:enquiries@prestigepropertyservice.org.uk

I look forward to hearing from you. 

In brief, I would like you to know the following about me: I have been working in the construction/refurbishment industry for many years, starting with my uncle in the school holidays. Over the years I have worked at many high profile sites such as Heathrow Airport, The Old Bailey as well as for several major business in the city. My work has even taken me into europe.

I have been fortunate to gain some regular customers who particularly value my honesty, straight talking and willingness to help them achieve their vision.